Kiki’s 2021 Holigay Gift Guide

Welcome to Kiki’s 2021 Holigay Gift Guide! If you’re looking for queer-owned small businesses to shop for your holiday gifting needs, we’ve got you covered.

Sex & Intimacy

Pink glass buttplug

Enby, a Black/Trans owned company that sells sex toys and accessories, gender affirming tools, and really cute merch.

Honey Play Box, who have beautiful sex toys and great educational videos on social media.

Sugar, a Baltimore-based lesbian-owned sex shop.

Feelmore, a Black, queer-owned sex shop based in the Bay Area.

Accesories & Apparel

Black person in a shiny brown long-sleeved top and dark brown leggings with a purple and orange panel on the leg

Playout, gender affirming, inclusively-sized clothing.

Cantiq, a handmade, gender and size-inclusive lingerie brand.

Queerly Designs, for fun, queer t-shirts and sweaters.

Automic Gold, high-quality jewelry for all genders.

Back To Nature Trading, adorable accessories for people and dogs

(Special shout out to this Facebook group for being a treasure trove of queer earrings and art!)

Art & Housewares

[Image description: Digital illustration of a Black mermaid with flowing hair, a pearl earring, and pink mermaid tail. They are floating in front of a purple shell with a royal blue tang who has a thought bubble with a heart, and a clownfish. Behind them is a glittery background. There’s text on their tail that reads, ‘Mermaid against misogyny.’

A print, sticker, or accessory from Liberal Jane, who makes beautiful progressive illustrations.

Virgins on Fire Candle Co, a Brooklyn-based company with hilarious candles.

Lung Friend, who makes gorgeous gay art and takes comissions.

Beautiful gay neon signs from Artsy Fartsy Queer.

Food & Drink

A zodiac tea from Aqua Moon Cult.

Tom of Finland’s organic vodka for your holiday cocktail needs.

Oregon-based sips from Remy Wines.

Add a kick to your meal with Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce.

Spice up your life with Diaspora Co.’s beautifully packaged spice blends.


Greedy: Notes From A Bisexual Who Wants To Much by Jen Winston. A funny, honest, and at times heartbreaking memoir about bisexuality, gender, and dating.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston, a romance about a cynical New Yorker who spots the girl of her dreams on the train.

Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters, a messy, thrilling, and vulnerable novel about transness, gender, and what family really means.



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