No, it’s not masochism. It’s a thirst for knowledge. Really.

Awesome book. Buy it and learn with me, if you want!

Why I’m trying to learn to code.

I’m a marketer, a comic illustrator, a writer. I make my living through creative means. But each morning when I get up, I spend about 10 minutes reading about code.

Why do I do this to myself?

Code : Me :: Bathtime : 4-Year-Old

I might not want to get started, and it’s a kicking and screaming sort of process to dive in, but then — I don’t want to get out of the tub.

I swear that coding is actually kind of interesting. It’s like a big puzzle, or learning a language.

HTML and CSS were pretty simple. I actually have a lot harder of a time picking colors for my elements than I do putting them all together.

Now I’m getting started on Python. It took me a while to decide which language to tackle after HTML/CSS and with some guidance from Seo, the best coder that I know, that anyone who’s met him knows, I decided on Python. Why? Because Python people are friendly to newcomers.

And that’s important to me.

I’ve read a lot about Impostor Syndrome here on Medium, on the belief that you’re not what you claim to be. I don’t think I have imposter syndrome when I call myself a Woman in Tech. I am a woman. I am in “tech.”

…but I do call myself a“Non-Technical Founder.”

Which really, is the startup equivalent of wearing a dead albatross around your neck.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner allusion, peeps. Get with it.

So I’m gonna cut that gruesome necklace and get started on joining that inner circle. I’m tired of asking my coworkers to place a tidbit of code in the header, or a marker in our iOS app.

I’m going to get to getting.

I’m already done with the second chapter of this book, “Python Programming: for the Absolute Beginner” (Third Edition). Once again, it was a recommendation from Seo, and it was spot-on. Unlike a lot of the programming books I’ve picked up, it’s fun and witty. And the author is skilled at lumping together different examples into one exercise to contrast their capabilities.

Starting today, I’m going to post little daily tidbits about the progress I’m making (or not.) I’d love for you to tune in occasionally, to see how I’m doing, to join in, or to heckle me if I’m slacking.

Thanks for your help!