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Sharing MakeCode Arcade Projects

Share the games you make!

Did you know that you can share the games you make in Microsoft MakeCode Arcade?

That’s right! Whether you’re working on a skillmap, tutorial, or even a project of your own, you can share your finished product (or game-in-progress) with your friends, family, and teachers.

Sharing From Skillmaps

Have you worked on a project inside of a skillmap and noticed that the share button isn’t available in the navigation bar? Let me show you how you can share your progress anyway.

Once you’ve finished the level that contains the project you want to share, click “Done” to return to the skillmap. There, when you’ve selected your completed level, simply click “Share” from the panel on the right.

Once you’ve given MakeCode permission to publish the project for others to see, you will be given a link containing a snapshot of your current game to share via text, email, or social.

Copy this URL to share your project with friends!

Sharing from Tutorials

Sharing your project from the end of a classic MakeCode tutorial is a little easier.

Upon completing the tutorial, you’ll be prompted to publish and share. Click “Publish project” to get a full-featured dialog that will let you copy your URL, share via Facebook, Twitter, or text…or even open a menu with embedding options for a website.

Sharing from a Project

For a more traditional sharing experience, create a new project and build something that excites you.

From the navigation bar above the workspace, click the “share” icon, and give MakeCode permission to publish your project.

You should see the same series of windows that you see for tutorials.

In Conclusion

While the methods of sharing are not all the same across different Arcade projects, you can share whatever you make!

AND, don’t be surprised if (someday in the near future) we make sharing even easier!



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Kiki Prottsman

Kiki Prottsman

Kiki is an author, educator, and the Director of Education for Microsoft MakeCode