Help Riri and Okoye defeat Namor so Shuri can save the day!

We are so excited to announce our newest Microsoft MakeCode Arcade tutorial, in partnership with Xbox.

Intended to go along with our Intro to CS curriculum for Microsoft Arcade, Wakanda Forever is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you build your own adventure.

Inspired by Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” (opening in U.S. theaters Nov. 11, 2022) this tutorial walks you through sprite creation, overlap events, adding lives, adding points, and setting win conditions.

Embrace your next chapter, and build a game you’re proud to share!



It’s that time of year! Time to make something a little haunted!

Mod this game:

Halloween is a time for dressing up and changing appearances. Let’s bring that Halloween spirit to our arcade games!

Did you know that you can mod any tutorial from Microsoft MakeCode Arcade?

That’s right! You can take any tutorial or skillmap, then open it in your project window to modify it with a full toolbox. You don’t even need to finish a tutorial or skillmap in order to re-skin it with new sprite images and backgrounds!

For the project above, I used the Time Flies tutorial, then re-skinned the background, frog, and fly — but you could use any tutorial. How would you add a Halloween theme to Talent Show, Shark Attack, or 80’s Rockstar Maze?



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