Press Release: Gionee partners with Kilimall Black Friday

NAIROBI, Nov. 18, 2016 — Gionee has partnered with Kilimall to offer big discounts on its range of smartphones in Kenya during the Black Friday sale. Black Friday shopping festival will be on November 25th, but Kilimall has offered five days of discounts starting November 21st, which will peak on Friday 25th.

Gionee, which entered the Kenyan in July this year, has been in the international market since 2002 and captured considerable share of the markets in Africa and Asia. The Gionee smartphones popularity has been growing steadily, boosted by its battery capacity and unique functionalities.

Kilimall is Gionee’s main marketing platform and the Black Friday partnership comes almost naturally.

Lydia Wachuka, the training manager at Gionee Kenya, pointed out that Kilimall offers a good platform for people all over the country to shop for smartphones. “Gionee models will be selling at over 50% discount and customers will get giveaways as will be when they shop on Kilimall,” said Ms Wachuka.

Gionee reiterated that it is committed to fulfilling its slogan “always in power” by giving models that have long-lasting batteries, fast charge technology, a customized operating system, and other features that are at par with current trend in the smartphones technology.

One of the phones on offer is the latest Gionee M6 Lite smartphone, which was launched ahead of Black Friday shopping festival.

Gionee M6 Lite was launched specifically for the Black Friday sale and will be sold exclusively on Kilimall at a launch price of Ksh13,999, which represents a discount of 30% from its retail price of Ksh20,000.

Speaking during the launch on Friday, Kilimall Managing Director Robin Xie said Gionee M6 Lite has been released for the Kenyan market and will be available on Kilimall from November 24, just a day before Black Friday.

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Kilimall Gionee M6 Lite

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The dual-SIM phone has an improved metallic design added to the signature Gionee features of fast-charging and customized long lasting battery.

In terms of storage, M6 Lite uses 3GB RAM which supports many apps without hanging and 32GB ROM. It can accommodate 8,000 photos and 10,000 songs and more memory can be boosted through use of an SD card.

The M6 Lite is equipped with 4000mAh battery with a smart consumption system that can last a whole day for a heavy user. “If battery is running low, you can apply night mode to save power at night. When you are just left with 5% power but in an emergency situation, you just need to activate start extreme mode to put you through the urgency,” said Mr Xie.

Gionee M6 Lite comes with a green background and app freeze function that help in managing apps by blocking power consumption to save your power.

The M6 Lite takes only half an hour to be fully charged, as opposed to phones in this category that require up to four hours. “A fully charged M6 Lite can give you six hours talk time, 18 hours to listen to music and two hours to browse the internet,” Mr Xie said. “If you forget to charge at night, you can charge it as you have a breakfast and have enough power for the whole morning.

Gionee M6 Lite has a 13MP rear camera, which enables it to capture much clearer pictures. The night mode function improves pictures taken in the dark, while the screen flash can help you capture bright and clear selfies in low light condition.

M6 Lite has an embedded 2.5D water-drop glass, which has become a symbol of fashion and is popular with leading smartphone brands such as Apple.

The training manager pointed out Gionee’s partnership with Kilimall will go beyond Black Friday and Kenyans should expect more offer after November 25 going forward.


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