(The following is appropriated from the poem, “830 Fireplace Road,” by John Yau. Yau’s poem was inspired by the Jackson Pollock quote that starts the poem. Every time you see the word “practicing” below, Yau actually wrote “painting.” It’s a yoga thing, try ti understand)

When I am in my painting, I’m not aware of what I’m doing.

When aware of what I am in my practicing, I’m not aware.
When I am my practicing, I’m not aware of what I am.
When what, what when, what of, when in, I’m not practicing my I.
When practicing, I am in what I’m doing, not doing what I am.
When doing what I am, I’m not in my practicing.
When I am of my practicing, I’m not aware of when, of what.
Of what I’m doing, I am not aware, I’m practicing.
Of what, when, my, I, practicing, in practicing.
When of, of what, in when, in what practicing.
Not aware, not in, not of, not doing, I’m in my I.
In my am, not am in my, not of when I am, of what.
Practicing “what” when I am, of when I am, doing, practicing.
When practicing, I’m not doing. I am in my doing. I am practicing.

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