Master Volume: Debut Album from Bass Virtuoso Teymur Phell

Album release: Nov 22, 2019

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Teymur Phell, a NYC-based electric bassist, has completed his debut solo album, Master Volume. Teymur has performed as a sideman with Mike Stern, Arturo Sandoval, Bill Evans, Randy Brecker, and others for years. With this album, he shows his musical breadth as a composer, arranger, and bandleader.

Master Volume combines electric jazz, fusion, and funk with influences from Teymur’s motherland, Azerbaijan, as well as his upbringing in Israel. Each tune has a unique structure that tells its own compelling story that draws the audience in. One listen and you’ll know that there is a deeper statement being made. At the same time, the performances are breathtaking without exception.

This album features a great cast of musicians, including Nitzan Gavrieli, Lionel Cordew, Chad Lefkowitz Brown, Itai Kriss, and Daniel Sadownick, along with Mike Stern and Dennis Chambers. This is some of the finest playing there is.

“This is the record I always wanted to do. It’s one-hundred percent original music,‘ says Teymur about the album. “There’s something in this record for everyone.”

Order online now:
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Master Volume is an absolute must-have for jazz lovers and world music enthusiasts, particularly bass players at all levels. Check out the trailer for the album:

Teymur is a truly inspirational bass player and teacher. He has several online courses available through My Music Masterclass. Teymur is also the co-author of the popular method book, Killer Walking Bass.

Check out “Zero To Sixty,” the opening song to Master Volume:

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  • Review of Master Volume, by Chris Jisi in Bass Magazine (April 2020) page 9.
    “6-string bass guitarist Teymur Phell, best known for his head-turning role in Mike Stern’s trio, swings for the fences on his much-anticipated debut.”
  • Review of Master Volume, All About Jazz (Jan 2020)
    “This crackling debut from Teymur Phell is a hearty, eclectic and loud funk-fusion party…This party is the kind which screams big city and bright lights”
  • Ringer Of the Week — Teymur Phell: Master Volume, Jazz Weekly (Jan 2020)
    “his release by electric bassist Teymur Phell is a gorgeous demonstration of the breadth, width and depth of his instrument. He features it in a variety of settings, from solos to funky sextets, and they all work wondrously….This guy’s got chops, taste and style.”
  • Review of Master Volume, Rochester City Newspaper (Jan 2020)
    “Phell plays a six-string bass with a dexterity and fluidity more often associated with that of a virtuosic lead guitarist….he not only thumps and pops his way through these excellent original tracks, he plays two brief solo tunes, leaving no doubt about his prowess as a bassist, composer, and arranger.”
  • Review of Master Volume, Jazz & Blues Review (Jan 2020)
    “Teymur Phell shows himself to be not only a superb electric bass player but also a composer of merit. The excellent playing and varied compositions make ‘Master Volume’ quite an engaging recording.”
  • Teymur Phell: Master Volume [album review], Jazz Times (Jan 2020)
    “By frontloading his debut with some potent funk-fusion workouts, electric bassist Teymur Phell positions the record — and himself — as a chops shop. But as he moves deeper into the playlist, the Azerbaijan-born, Israeli-bred, New York-based up-and-comer expands his reach and outlook while showing us that brawn doesn’t define him. Whether a simple byproduct of song sequencing or the result of a shrewd master plan, that arc of development turns out to be a strong selling point for Phell’s first flight and a salient reminder about the strength of the album format in general.”
  • Best of 2019 — Preston Frazer’s Top 10, Something Else (Jan 2020)
    “The songs are engaging and the production utilizes the skills of Phell’s talented guest artists (Mike Stern and Dennis Chambers, among others) while not showing off a lick for lick’s sake.”
  • Teymur Phell Interview, For Bass Players Only (Dec 2019)
    “What a great work! It’s got quite a variety of feels.”
  • Albums on our Radar, Bass Musician Magazine (Dec 2019)
    “This is a superb solo bass album where Teymur is putting all his six strings to work pushing the envelope of what a bassist can perform.”
  • Bass Virtuoso Teymur Phell Releases Debut Album as Leader, JAZZIZ (Dec 2019)
    Master Volume combines jazz, fusion and funk with more exotic and personal influences.”
  • Featured review of Master Volume, Jazzism [Dutch] (Jan/Feb 2020)
    “What a talent! Straight from his musical heart.”
Featured review of Master Volume in Jazzism [Dutch] (Jan/Feb 2020)
  • Review of Master Volume, Something Else (Nov 2019)
    “ The Israeli-born, New York-based bassist Teymur Phell proved to be an accomplished bandleader and composer on his solo debut. The songs are engaging and the production utilizes the skills of Phell’s talented guest artists. There truly is something here for every jazzer.”
  • Review of Master Volume, Sea of Tranquility (Nov 2019):
    “With his very capable friends, Phell has created a very fun and musically appealing album with Master Volume.”
  • Master Volume: An Interview with Teymur Phell, No Treble (Nov 2019):
    “Overall the album has a natural ebb and flow from the heavy groove of ‘Papano Kimono’ to the straight-ahead closer, ‘Blues For Who?’ It’s easy to tell this will be a must-have album for bassists for years to come.”
  • Review of Master Volume, In a Blue Mood (Nov 2019):
    “Teymur Phell shows himself to be not only a superb electric bass player but also a composer of merit. The excellent playing and varied compositions make Master Volume a very engaging recording.”
  • Teymur Phell Releases New Album Featuring Mike Stern and Dennis Chambers, Bass Magazine (Oct 2019)
  • A Neon Jazz Interview with NYC-based Jazz Bassist Teymur Phell Interview with Joe Dimino, Neon Jazz (Oct 2019)


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