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Killer Walking Bass comes with multiple choruses of walking lines for 6 jazz standards. The tunes are so-called “contrafacts, or borrowed chord progressions. For each, we indicate our title and then an example of a song it resembles with a similar harmonic progression.

For volume 1, here is our selection tunes:

  • You Are The Angel Glow (like “All The Things Your Are”)
  • The Bottom Phell Out (F Blues)
  • Leaps and Bounds (like “Giant Steps”)
  • Yellowtail Way (like “Green Dolphin Street”)
  • Mona By Moonlight (like “Stella By Starlight”)
  • Rhythm Changes (like “I Got Rhythm”)

We occasionally post excerpts of our killer lines on social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@killerwalkingbass).

For instance, here’s one of our favorite sections of “Leaps and Bounds” (like “Giant Steps”) included in Killer Walking Bass that we’ve posted in the past:

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We’re also happy to offer a sample chorus of “You Are The Angel Glow” (like “All The Things You Are”) for download:

Get Sample Line of “You Are The Angel Glow”

In the course of writing Killer Walking Bass, we also created some extra lines and exercises, primarily for ourselves to play and study. Check out this bass melody written over the changes of “All The Things You Are” composed by co-author Jim Kalbach.

Download PDF: “All The Things You Are Fantasy” for bass

Let us know what you think!

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…because your search for the perfect line never ends.

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