String (not-so-theory) Updates

Considering I cannot buy a lot of the new gadgets that Apple is advocating I will be discussing some of the updates that are coming to Swift 4 that I am excited about. If you have an apple developer’s account feel free to download the new beta version of Xcode, which will allow you to play around with Swift 4.


No one likes being strung along. If you’re good at communicating from the onset of a relationship you are either headed towards something or establish a very no-strings-attached kind of situation. In this day and age modern dating, it seems we have done Strings wrong and are finally trying to rectify that.


I can finally get each character of a string object to iterate, without accessing the characters method!


There is nothing like having your character count be automatically counted.

I can finally benefit from Strings once again getting the collection treatment.

Have you ever worked with a string and just wanted to drop the first letter? Well now you can drop it like it’s hot.


Furthermore, being able to access the characters of your string and reverse them instantly is a game changer. Too often while solving string-related problems I have to rely on extensions that accomplished what these methods are capable of. This is far more user-intuitive and harkens strings back to a respectable place as as sequence/collection.