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Ape Board and KillSwitch share Full Node

Congratulations to Ape Board for their exit acquisition by Nansen.

We would like to congratulate Apeboard for its successful exit strategy — acquisition by Nansen and soon to become an all-in-one super app within Web 3.0.

Ape Board is a portfolio tracking platform that allows users to effectively manage their investments in digital assets. As of now, Ape board has listed on 375 protocols across 33 blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Solana, and Polygon. Ape board’s success lies behind their comprehensive yet simple UX/UI design that not only helped them develop as a business but also made experiences for users on the platform satisfied with their services.

With this honor, Ape Board has decided to collaborate with KillSwitch by sharing a Full Node owned by KillSwitch which stores the BSC and Polygon’s node that can be used for future analysis and development of the blockchain.

What is a Full Node?

Full nodes are nodes that help maintain the blockchain state by copying and verifying transactions on the blockchain. Full nodes check that a transaction complies with the Ethereum standard whenever it is added to the blockchain, and by doing so, they maintain the current state of the network.

One of the many advantages of KillSwitch’s Full Node is that there is the highest gas limit which essentially means that the size of the average block is bigger as well as limitless access with a load balancer.

As of the moment, apart from Ape Board, Moo Monster Game is also another new member that has joined this collaboration...

If you are interested in joining in accessing KillSwitch’s Full Node, you can contact KillSwitch in any of the channels listed below.

📞KillSwitch Official Channels

Telegram International
Telegram Thai



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