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APY +30% with MOR — BUSD Lp

from Apeswap on the BSC network at

FOMO much? Don’t miss out on the newest and hottest pair —
MOR — BUSD Lp! The hot topic of Defi today — is MOR by ; a Cross-chain DeFi ecosystem with tokens and products designed to help holders and users earn more from their capital by borrow/leveraged yield protocol, self-repaying loans, derivatives, & options trading. With APY over 25% and the cherry on top? + 13% APY from KillSwitch.

Why MOR?

MOR is a overcollateralized stablecoin that allows users to use their yield-earning collaterals as leverage for borrowing and utilizes self-repaying loans (currently available on Avalanche), similar to “$DAI” which counterweight against the volatility of more popular crypto-assets.

Deposit with any token or LP!

Yes! Deposit with up to 4 tokens or LP of your choice, KillSwitch ensures that our users are not bound by limited choices on depositing.

OR set Take profit/Stop loss order to effectively manage your investments

How to:

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