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Belt is now listed on KillSwitch

Auto Compound altcoins and stable coins from on KillSwitch today

Providing ease and the best experience for our users had always been the #1 priority, which is why KillSwitch is providing auto compound service for that mainly focuses on altcoins and stable coins for users who are keen on long term investing.

About Belt is a stable swap AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), HECO Chain, and Klaytn with low fees/slippage that also provides aggregation through vault compounding, lending, and yield generation for maximum returns.

Belt LP is now listed on KillSwitch

KillSwitch will be auto compounding for these 4 pool:

Available Belt LPs:


Please note that the “Mixture” feature will not be available for Belt LPs as Belt is a Multi-Strategy yield optimizer. The mixture requires precise and accurate calculations of output for each of the strategies, therefore to acquire Belt lp tokens will need to stake in Belt Single asset pool before auto compounding at KillSwitch.

How to farm

  1. Stake in preferred vault or pools on

or click “Add LP” on your desired vault from, then the platform will link you to

Please note that assets are limited to :

Vaults: BTC, ETH, BNB

Pool: 4Belts

That is available on KillSwitch

After staking you will receive Belt LP tokens from the asset that you farmed in

2. After receiving the LP tokens, go to KillSwitch and choose “deposit” in Belt farm.

Remember! You can filter your preferences, KillSwitch has many farms to choose from.

4. Input LP token of the chosen respective asset only and choose your amount.

5. Click Deposit and done!!

Then Click Deposit and you’re done!

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