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Bridge to Solana with KillSwitch’s NorthBridge today

Through NorthBridge — Wormhole, get access between Solana and Ethereum.

As promised, we delivered — to become a multi-chain provider! Adding to our list is — the latest addition, Solana. Bridge between Ethereum and Solana through “Wormhole” from Northbridge within seconds.

Users can also enjoy bridging between 6 other chains including BSC, REI, Ethereum, Polygon, Bitkub Chain, and KuCoin Chain with

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Solana users can also bridge their assets over to enjoy our TP/SL feature that allows users to effectively manage their finances or access the auto-compounding services on’s farming pools.

Currently available with 4 networks including BSC, KCC, Polygon, and Aurora networks that includes well-known pools from platforms like , Biswap, PancakeSwap and more…

How to access Wormhole — NorthBridge?

Head to the menu section and click on NorthBridge

“Wormhole” is located at the top right-hand corner

**Make sure to connect your wallet first.

The wallet currently supported are:

Do you think Solana was a great move? Let us know what other chains you’d like us to add next!


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