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Dopple and Twindex are officially listed on KillSwitch

We are pleased to announce that KillSwitch will be in collaboration with Dopple! Keep reading to learn how you can win some rewards.

KillSwitch wants to provide users with more options for farming in stable coin pools to decrease possible risks. In hopes to do this, KillSwitch has partnered with Dopple, which Dopple has a strong stand in the stable coin Defi ecosystem making it the best course for users who are keen on low-risk pool farming.

About Dopple & Twindex

Dopple Finance is a Stable coin Defi ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain. Our main product is a decentralized stable coin exchange, which allows users to efficiently swap stable coins and pegged assets at the best rate.

Twindex is a decentralized exchange that enables the creation and trading of Synthetic Assets, pegged to real-world prices in the most convenient way on the Binance Smart Chain.

Dopple and Twindex are officially listed on KillSwitch starting now!

Most pools that have low risk are usually stable coins. Here is a list of pools that we’ve gathered for you, feel free to take a look if you are keen on low-risk farming.

🔹DOPX (single pool)


How to farm

2. Choose your assets (token/lp), then input the amount you want to deposit and click “deposit

3. Done! You will also be rewarded with KSW and Jellopy

Wanna get extra rewards?

Don’t skip this part and read carefully.

Twindex boosted TWX vaults, so you can earn more rewards by following these simple steps:

2. Stake ‘TWX Jellopy’ by putting the amount of TWX Jellopy or you can choose to put all (users can use the bar to slide the amount) and click ‘stake’.

**Please note that if you are staking TWXjellopy, you will not be able to withdraw TWX, to do so, you will need to unstake Jellopy first.

** Do not worry if the your TWX is gone from the deposited pool as it is subjected to move to the ‘boost’ section once users stake the jellopyTokens.

Jellopy is similar to a receipt that can be obtained by depositing into any KillSwitch vaults that allow users to get higher rewards from our partners’ farms.

KillSwitch and Dopple are introducing new and exciting ways for users to diversify their cryptocurrency and experience new possibilities.

To read more about the boost feature go to KillSwitch ‘Boost” feature.

KillSwitch Official Channels

Telegram International:
Telegram Thai:



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