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Eggo KCC Collection NFTs! — KCC carnival event

NFTs to be won- KillSwitch X KCC Carnival [Tier 0 — Tier1]

KillSwitch joins KCC Carnival Week and rewards the KillSwitch Community! Continue reading to learn how to get the rewards and what the rewards are.

KillSwitch has successfully joined the KCC Carnival Week that is happening in early May!

And back with more rewards for the loving and loyal community.

Simply stake in any pool on the’s KCC Network as complied to the tiers to receive exclusive KillSwitch NFTs.

**Please note that applicants will only be eligible if he/she has satisfied the conditions stated.

🎁TIERS & Rewards

  • Tier 0: Staking $500
    Reward: KCC Theme in
  • Tier 1: Staking $1,000
    Reward: NFT, Limited to only 2,500 prizes ( FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)

📅Date: May 6 — May 11, 2022 [ SNAPSHOT : 4.59pm UTC ]

*Farming/Staking out of this period is not considered…

*Rewards will be distributed in 2–3 working days


  • Fill in the form >>
  • Farm on KCC Network only
    (Check how to in the related articles section down below)
  • Farm/Stake according to the Tier
  • Be patient and wait until the end of the event XD

Any questions, feel free to ask them in our telegram community.



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