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KillSwitch.Finance X Multichain

Multichain enables arbitrage interactions with 26 chains through

The multitude is essential behind every success which is exceptionally true in the blockchain and web3 industries.

Today marks another milestone for KillSwitch to operate truly and become a multi-chain supported DApp- Multichain deployed a bridge between 56 networks — including, Aurora, Boba, HSC, BNB Chain, Cronos, and many more to access KillSwitch.Finance’s services!

See Multichain on the bridge section on <>

Why go to KillSwitch?

Yield farming has never been easier. With KillSwitch, a decentralized smart yield aggregator that allows users to securely and efficiently farm with minimal effort. With prominent features such as the auto-compound, “Mixture” system, one-click system, and the TP/SL for the very first time in the world of yield farming. With their motto being “Farm easy, Rest easier”, Forget the primal days of sitting in front of your screen managing your investments because, with KillSwitch, farming has never been made easier.

Now with Killswitch adding the bridge on their website, both new and existing DeFi users will no longer need to go through any troubles to find a secure and fast bridge if they want to generate the best yield with their $USDT, $USDC & $ETH assets in the wallet. With just one click, they can bridge their assets instantly to the networks that Killswitch supports.

Apart from this…

KillSwitch has also launched its very first non-custodial liquidity protocol — SSAP. USDC and USDT tokens shown here are native from Multichain!
link →

About Multichain

Multichain, born as Anyswap on the 20th of July 2020, is positioned as a fully decentralized Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure supporting a multi-chain ecosystem. Multichain envisions to be the ultimate router for web3.

Multichain is now the leader in the cross-chain field with a rapidly expanding ecosystem. It currently supports more than 50 mainstream blockchains and has deployed nearly 3,000 bridges. It has sustained a daily trade volume of more than $120 million and a Total Value Locked in excess of $3 billion. Nearly 10,000 daily users are a testament to its popularity and security.

📲 Check out Multichain (Previously Anyswap)




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