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Killswitch Finance X OIN Finance

We’re excited to announce that we’re taking another step in the world of yield farmers, listing the aUSDO-USDT Trisolaris Farm on Killswitch Finance with auto-compounding!


  • Trisolaris aUSDO-USDT farm will list on Killswitch Finance
  • Yields will be auto-compounding (TRI + wNEAR rewards will automatically be added to your farm)
  • Launch: Early April

As the OINDAO lists more and more collateral and stablecoins, we’re seeing greater usage of its leveraged yield farming opportunities. Our partnerships with a DEX each time we list a new stablecoin is to facilitate these strategies, adding farms wherever we go.

Now, with the addition of Killswitch Finance, we are expanding on the usability of the OINDAO to provide the easiest paths for our users to make the most of their assets!

OIN on Killswitch

The aUSDO-USDT TLP listing will be the first step in opening up the OINDAO and its products to a wider audience, creating an easy entry point for the savvy yield farmers.

The markets being so volatile as of late, we’ll be combining one of the safer forms of yield-bearing assets (stablecoin pair LP token), a farm on the leading DEX on Aurora, with the usability and visibility provided by Killswitch.

There’s immense potential latent within Killswitch, and we’re excited to begin our first steps with them on this journey of yield farming, optimization, and strategies.

from OIN.Finance

About KillSwitch

a smart cross-chain yield aggregator targeting to increase convenience and security for all yield farmers on BSC, KCC, Aurora & Arbitium chain

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