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KillSwitch x LatteSwap Boosted pool

live on 15th December 2021

Maximize your APY with KillSwitch and LatteSwap Today!

KillSwitch is back at it again hosting boosted pool for our partners, this time featuring LatteSwap. The pool is going live on the 13:00 UTC 15th of December so keep a heads up!

Notice the tag above Latte — BUSD it says boosted by Lucky Lion. If users stake/deposit in this pool, users will receive Latte — BUSD Jellopy. Stake in the boosted Latte — BUSD pool to gain extra reward! Let see how that can be done…

How to — BOOSTED pool:

  1. Once you staked in Latte — BUSD vaults and received “Latte — BUSD Jellopy”, head to the “Boost” section in the menu tab.

2. StakeLatte — BUSD Jellopy’ by putting the amount of Latte — BUSD Jellopy or you can choose to put all and click ‘stake’.

*Please note that if you are staking Latte — BUSD Jellopy, you will not be able to withdraw Latte — BUSD LP, to do so, you will need to unstake Jellopy first.

Jellopy” or JellopyTokens are like receipts, which are received from depositing $KSW into the KillSwitch pool. As a pool generates profit, the number of jellopyTokens in your wallet remains the same while the initial invested token increases. If users want to withdraw, users will need this ‘receipt’ (JellopyTokens) to redeem the deposited tokens and yield. This means that users should deposit receipts and not sell or exchange them with strangers otherwise users will lose possession of staked assets in the vault.

To read more about the boost feature go to KillSwitch ‘Boost” feature.

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KillSwitch is a smart yield aggregator targeting to provide convenience and security for yield farmers

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