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KSW Playbook 2023 and so on…

Dear KSW Holder, last year we all experienced “crypto winter” and many incidents, from Luna to FTX. I hope everyone is doing well. As a platform, we need to clarify our roadmap and action plan for the upcoming year. Importantly, we must find a way to survive in order to enter “real yield” / “real business.” Our primary source of revenue must come from either the DeFi world or the real world. The good news is we anticipated this from the start since we have already prepared for it by creating the Killswitch-owned blockchain L1 (Reichain), and here are the guidelines and plans for 2023 and beyond:

Stopping emissions is necessary to reduce coin inflation. For the long-term benefit of KSW Holder, holders can also submit future ideas through, such as ideas about reducing emissions.

However, the decision to take an action is based on the practicality of the proposal and the KSW holder.

Now Reichain’s is very fast like 1sec block confirmation but in-exchange of decentralization that control by KSW’s Validator node, in long term we plan to change consensus from “Raft” to Decentralize Consensus, For now our priority is focus on mass adoption before changing consensus.

We have been active with the Polygon Chain since 2021 and have been partially received granted by Polygon in 2021. We currently work with agencies, companies, and influencers to come up with solutions that allow marketers to send NFT to their user groups. Users can try Solution mint NFT on Reichain then Bridging to polygon, and showing on Facebook and Instagram by scanning this QR code or going to this link:

Our target consumers are more than 2 billion users of Facebook and Instagram who do not have crypto.

There are also plans to create a bridge NFT for BKC⇔Polygon, BSC⇔Polygon and OKX ⇔Polygon so that current creators can use it to promote their collections on Facebook and Instagram.

And this is our focus point that will focus on generating revenue for the platform because, in this solution, we charge brands that want to issue NFT, Not only users can mint NFT for free without having to find a GAS fee from opening any centralized exchange but also, possibly trading in the secondary market like on OpenSea

Infuture, a brand may be able to sell NFT through each country’s payment gateway system, in which we are working with our partners.

Anyone who is interested in this solution can inquire about it by sending an email to hello [at] to schedule a meeting for discussion.

The Reipoint system was developed by the KSW team to focus on a points system that can be used globally, which we have well planned. But there may be a problem with the correct perception of users / marketing, in which case we will work with marketing agency partners to build greater awareness, and having the NFTS bridge solution will help promote its use more broadly.



KillSwitch is a smart yield aggregator targeting to provide convenience and security for yield farmers

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