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Mojito Migration Update — V2 pool , New benefits

Following the V2 upgrade of , has also implemented the v2 Farms onto our platform! So be sure to migrate your from your mojito swap V1 to v2 pools on the KCC network!

Mojito Bar V2

BAR V2 contains two mining modes: Dual Mining and Single Mining.
Unlike the Single mining mode, Dual Mining will provide two token rewards.

This means that in V2, you will receive both tokens as a reward!
More stable, Higher APR, More Satisfaction 😍

Old V1
After Migration V2

On the platform today — users will be able to migrate to Farm in V.2 of MojitoSwap to enjoy new benefits! Note that the V1 will be closed down really soon! So don’t forget to migrate your pools :D

MojitoSwap BAR V2 weights are arranged as follows

For you users who are forgetful — Don’t worry we got you. A pop up notification will remind you!

Attention all farmers who farmed on MojitoSwap through KillSwitch, please migrate to the new V2 pool
Withdraw LP once an “end of life” text appears on an old pool (soon).
Deposit to a new V2 pool to farm in.

KillSwitch Official Channels

Telegram International
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KillSwitch is a smart yield aggregator targeting to provide convenience and security for yield farmers

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