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New Pool KSW-USDT from

KSW — USDT from is now available on

Evry finance and KillSwitch go all the way back as strategic partners, which is why we’ve joined hands to provide the best choices for our investors to enjoy the top-notch experience from both platforms.

KillSwitch has now successfully launched another addition of KSW — USDT farming pool from, which of course — we’ll be providing auto compounding services for these pools as well.

Click on the following pools to be navigated to the page!

About KillSwitch and

KillSwitch is a smart yield farming aggregator targeting to increase convenience and security for all yield farmers. Users are free to unstake, withdraw Liquidity Position instantly in one click ultimately helping users save time, decreasing human error, and allowing users to rest easy!

Evry.Finance is a decentralized exchange that allows digital assets to be traded automatically and permissionless by using liquidity pools combines with Dynamic Market Maker (DMM) that allows flexible fee adjustment and dynamic pricing curve setups.

With this partnership, both KillSwitch and Evry hope to bring the best and most flexible choices for our investors to enjoy. Please stay tuned for more exciting and interesting ways to invest, more are to come! We promise.

KillSwitch Official Channels

Telegram International
Telegram Thai



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