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3 Digital Health and Wellness Market Trends This Autumn (Report)

The digital health and wellness industry has transformed over the past years. As a result, digital health management has shifted from wellness management to health management.

How did it change the way investors pick their favorites? We have analyzed 205 deals made in the past 3 months and created a short summary for you.

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Here is a sneak peek:

1. In November, the investments in digital health and wellness dropped to $1.69 billion

In September and October, the investments were constantly flowing into the digital health and wellness industry, but the investment size drastically dropped in November.

2. Most of the money is raised in the Series D and Series D investment rounds

The most money is raised by startups in Series D and Series C rounds and invested in companies in Medical Systems and Financial Wellness categories.

3. Investments in digital health and wellness startups happen mostly in the US

Over the past 3 months, only 5 out of the 30 biggest investment deals worldwide happened in other countries than the US.



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