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Announcing Sporran and Stakeboard: Storing and Staking for KILT!

We are delighted to introduce two new additions to the KILT ecosystem: the Sporran browser extension — the wallet for KILT Coins and credentials — and Stakeboard, the staking platform for KILT.


The Sporran wallet can be used to hold KILT Coins and provides a way for users to sign and submit KILT blockchain transactions. And in early December, users will also be able to use Sporran to store credentials and create a digital identity — similar to the real world when you add credentials like your driver’s license to your physical wallet.

You could also build several identities — for example, your work identity with all your qualifications, your gaming identity with your rankings, etc. Sporran provides a way to manage and sign transactions with these digital identities on the KILT blockchain. This is designed to restore your control over your own data when you are providing your information to online services.

Currently, Sporran is available for use as a browser extension on Google Chrome and Firefox. See our guide to creating a Sporran identity here.


Stakeboard is a web application that allows you to interact directly with the KILT blockchain to stake your KILT Coins.

To participate in staking on Stakeboard you need a KILT Identity (wallet address) with at least 1,001 KILT Coins (1,000 for staking; 1 to cover any transaction costs). Each Identity with this minimum can choose one collator to delegate their coins to. Collators hold the data of the KILT blockchain, collect transactions and build blocks. You can find the list of collators here and on community sites like

When the chosen collator successfully produces blocks, their delegator can receive a reward of up to 8% per annum in the first year after launch; 6% in the second year. See our “How to stake on KILT” guide for more details on navigating Stakeboard.

Sporran and Stakeboard were developed by B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH, a subsidiary of BOTLabs GmbH, the entity that initially developed KILT Protocol.

For any questions about these services, go to our Tech Support site. To keep up with developments on KILT as they happen, follow our official Twitter and Telegram channels.

About BOTLabs GmbH

BOTLabs GmbH is a Berlin-based research and development company focusing on blockchain. It was founded in January 2018 by Ingo Rübe and German publishing house Burda GmbH, for whom he served as CTO from 2012 to 2017; Swiss publisher Ringier AG later joined as a shareholder. BOTLabs is the initial developer of KILT Protocol, which is now a fully decentralized blockchain network. The Sporran wallet and SocialKYC identity verification service were developed by a subsidiary of BOTLabs called B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH. BOTLabs is a founding member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) and the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), and is a member of Blockchain for Europe.

About KILT Protocol

KILT is a fully decentralized blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous and verifiable credentials. KILT’s mission is to return control over personal data to its owner, restoring privacy to the individual. Developers can use KILT’s open-source Javascript SDK to quickly build applications for issuing, holding and verifying credentials and create businesses around identity and privacy. KILT Protocol was initially developed by BOTLabs GmbH.



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KILT Protocol

KILT Protocol


KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials. KILT is part of the Polkadot ecosystem.