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KILT Migration to Polkadot: Technical Overview

By the KILT Devs

As promised in last week’s announcement , here are additional technical details about the migration plan. We’ll publish full documentation after the move to Polkadot is complete in late September, which should be helpful to other projects considering this path.

Solo-to-parachain pallet

In order to provide the safest and most seamless move from Kusama to Polkadot, the “solo-to-parachain” pallet provided by Parity Technologies will be used. This also allows us to keep the full block history, and it will not be necessary to temporarily restore the Sudo key to the KILT network.

This process requires adding two more abilities to the KILT Council:

  1. Execute XCM call to swap parachain lease
  2. Remove the requirement that the Relay Chain block should strictly increase between two parachain blocks (Polkadot has lower block numbers than Kusama).

Also the “solo-to-parachain” pallet needs to be added to the KILT runtime.

Governance by KILT community

Of course this requires a governance decision by the KILT community. The proposal will be posted by mid-September and the referendum will start approximately 7 days later. The governance phases will be announced on KILT channels (, , and ). We encourage the KILT community to vote on the referendum.

After the referendum has passed, the Council would execute the move to Polkadot. This should take a little more than three hours. Then:

  • In the first two hours of this period, the KILT network will work normally.
  • In the third hour KILT will not produce any new blocks.
  • After this last hour, block production will pick up with Polkadot as the new Relay Chain. The KILT chain will remain unchanged and produce the next block.

The KILT Council, now on Polkadot, would then remove its two new rights. At this point the move is done. We anticipate that KILT will be live on Polkadot by the end of September, a bit sooner than expected.


Who in the KILT community can relax and have a beer/wine/seltzer?

  • KILT Coin holders
  • KILT credential holders, DID holders, web3name holders
  • Sporran users
  • Staking delegators
  • Anyone who developed software using KILT (SDK, Extrinsics, RPC)

Who in the KILT community needs to do something?

Any node operator:

  • Collators
  • Full nodes (Exchanges, RPC- Providers)

What does a node operator need to do?

Please be sure to be synchronized with the Polkadot relay chain in advance, either by:

“When do I need to be ready?”

  • We will let you know in advance! You will have at least 8 days of advance warning, after we open the proposal on the KILT network.

“How do I know the migration from Kusama to Polkadot is happening?”

  • We will let you know when the migration happens.
  • After the last KILT-on-Kusama block, you should restart and synchronize your node within one hour to avoid downtime.
  • Follow KILT’s , , and channels for any updates.



KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, revocable, verifiable credentials and decentralised identifiers.

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KILT Protocol

KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials. KILT is part of the Polkadot ecosystem.