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New Proposal: Changes to Staking Reward Timing on KILT

A proposal has been made on KILT to change staking rewards from an automatic distribution to a timeframe selected by recipients. Collators and delegators could choose a time that best suits them to claim (such as once a week, once a month, once a quarter, once a year), which will significantly simplify tax reporting.

Under the current setup:

To address these issues, a new proposal was submitted for community vote to change reward distribution from an automatic to a pull-based function. This would reduce the computation needed for each block, and make tax reporting easier for delegators and collators.

There would be no change anticipated for those staking KILT Coins on exchanges.

All KILT Coin holders can vote on the proposal and you can even use your staked coins for voting. Join the discussion on the proposal here. It is anticipated that the proposal would go to referendum on Wednesday November 23, with voting open for 7 days until November 30. If approved, the changes would be enacted automatically on December 1st.

The change to staking would be carried out as a runtime upgrade, allowing services to run normally on KILT except for a few minutes of maintenance on Stakeboard.

How to Claim Rewards

If the proposed upgrade is approved and enacted, rewards will be continually counted but no longer automatically paid out to the wallet. The rewards will be visible on Stakeboard as “unclaimed rewards”.

Clicking “Claim” on Stakeboard uses the counter to calculate the reward and move it from the blockchain into the wallet it was staked from. Since this process is recorded on the blockchain it requires a small transaction fee (around 0.0002 KILT total).

Collators and more tech-minded users can also check their rewards and claim via Polkadot JS Apps. See KILT technical documentation for more details.

About KILT

KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for generating decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials, providing practical, secure identity solutions for enterprise and consumers.

Discover more on the KILT website, brainstorm KILT use cases in Discord, or follow KILT on Twitter and Telegram to keep up with the latest news.



KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, revocable, verifiable credentials and decentralised identifiers.

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KILT Protocol

KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials. KILT is part of the Polkadot ecosystem.