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New Year, New Launch:
KILT Website Features Enterprise and Consumer Onramps to DIDs

The new website is now live! The redesigned site features a vibrant look and feel, with new tools to “Claim your Independence” and regain control of personal data using KILT’s digital identity solutions.

The new website continues KILT’s mission of education about digital identity, DIDs and verifiable credentials. New sections highlight enterprise use cases and ecosystem partners, and the Protocol section includes KILT’s governance framework, the new Constitution, and guidelines for Treasury proposals. Developer resources and documentation provide the information needed to start building with KILT.

In the physical world, your identity starts with your face or fingerprint. KILT brings this model of identity to the digital world, with a DID (decentralized identifier) serving as your digital fingerprint. Setting up a DID is the first step to building your identity with KILT services, and requires a deposit of around 2 KILT Coins. Users can get their DID with KILT via the new website and KILT’s Sporran wallet.

But not all users are familiar with or comfortable buying crypto. So today’s relaunch introduces a Checkout Service that makes digital identity and DID creation available to a much broader audience, and doesn’t require crypto knowledge or coins.

Created by B.T.E. BOTLabs Trusted Entity GmbH (a subsidiary of BOTLabs, the initial developer of KILT Protocol), the Checkout Service enables individuals to get their DID without using KILT and easily pay for the Checkout Service via Paypal.

Also available is a new DID solution for enterprises to offer DIDs at scale for their employees and customers. Learn more about how enterprises can buy a batch of transactions and anchor the DIDs on the KILT blockchain, while preserving the user’s privacy and control.

So what are you waiting for? Browse the site, Get your DID with KILT or Paypal via the new Checkout Service, and start building your decentralized identity. It’s time to take back control.

About KILT

KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for generating decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials, providing secure, practical identity solutions for enterprise and consumers.

Discover more on the KILT website, brainstorm KILT use cases in Discord, or follow KILT on Twitter and Telegram to keep up with the latest news.



KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, revocable, verifiable credentials and decentralised identifiers.

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KILT Protocol

KILT is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials. KILT is part of the Polkadot ecosystem.