The Pitch Deck Template

Jean de La Rochebrochard
Kima Ventures
Published in
2 min readApr 28, 2015

A pitch deck must be both complete & short. Your goal is to turn complicated things into simple messages.

In order to do so, your pitch deck should not contain more than 20 words & 3 ideas maximum per slide, and follow the following order:


  1. There is problem.
  2. Unsolved for a reason.
  3. We’ve cracked a solution.


  1. Here is our value proposition.
  2. Look at our demo
  3. People love our product


  1. Those people/companies are our target (initial and potential). We don’t talk in billions, we talk in real buying/using people!
  2. This is how we position ourselves in the ecosystem
  3. Here is our secret sauce that makes us different


  1. Our Business Model is: Sales - Variable Costs = Contribution Margin
  2. We distribute it that way, this is our funnel of conversion
  3. Our KPIs are not cumulated data but rather Compound Growth, Cohort and Sales Payback Time.


  1. Here is our story so far, with relevant and/or fun facts
  2. This is our great team, and what they’ve accomplished
  3. Here is the plan for the next 12 to 18 months


  1. Here is our business plan or 18/24 months cash plan
  2. Our end game is to be a leading top of mind for…

Do not use bullet points, Steve Jobs wouldn’t be happy