Change is hard

So this weekend, we moved from Beale Street to Kenwood. I went through a range of emotions, from “let’s get this over with and move on”, to “I don’t want to leave.” Didn’t think I’d be so nostalgic about the unit but when I look back, I realize alot of great memories were had there.

And even though you called me out for always calling it “my place” (sorry!), I don’t think I meant any of it maliciously or in a bad way. In reality, we started dating the moment I moved in there so all the memories I have of Beale are with you.

I will miss Sidepiece so much!

Last night, we spent our first night in Kenwood. As I sat on the top floor that I’m not really supposed to be at and watched GoT, I couldn’t help hoping that there will be no drama. In the end though, no matter where we are, home is where the heart is and I know that as long as I’m coming home to you, it doesn’t matter what square footage or fancy kitchen we have.

I’m sure we will continue to venture into tumultuous maelstroms ahead, but I hope that we will always be able to make it out the other side alive, if not unscathed. For now, I hope for a pleasant breeze and calm waters.

P.S. Maybe if you stayed over the first night, I would have it called it “our place” more. heehee

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