Konnichiwa~ Kimchi Media introduces Osaka Metro!

In less than a year Kimchi Media has spread all over China and South East Asia, today we’re expanding our network to Japan!
Please, welcome Osaka Metro 🎉

As you might know, Japan has a huge number of train lines and operators scattered all over the country: at the moment Osaka Metro has the complete, over 130km, Municipal Subway system.

Based on your feedback, more and more lines and operators will be added in the upcoming updates.

View Osaka Metro on the Web and download the Osaka Metro App on the App Store, as always, free of charge.

Osaka Metro train running the Hankyu Senri-Sen at Kandai-mae by Eric Flexyourhead

All this development will improve people’s lives and we’re proud to make these networks even more accessible with our apps.

Please follow us for more announcements and news regarding these and more cities!

Kimchi Media is a group of passionate people that love making out of the ordinary products. Stay tuned for more awesome stuff!

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