LinkedIn is the same white supremacy as Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn is the same platform as Facebook and Twitter in which whites determine what is appropriate and whites determine what is allowed.

LinkedIn allows whites to troll and report Black women whose inclusion and equity expertise does not contain “polite talk” to comfort whites.

Almost a month ago, whites on LinkedIn did what whites on Facebook and whites on Twitter have done to me; Consider themselves teaching me a lesson on abiding by massa and never saying anything to which massa disagrees or that makes massa uncomfortable.

After being banned from LinkedIn, it proved that LinkedIn is centuries of the same White Supremacy In a Suit and White Supremacy on Board of Directors and White Supremacy in Business Networking.

Here’s what I received from LinkedIn after the ban:

Hi Dr. Kimya,

Your account has been restricted due to a violation of LinkedIn’s User Agreement relating to the following and inappropriate content:

Specifically, your recent posts (copied below) violate Sec. 3, “Be Safe”, in our Professional Community Guidelines. Per this policy, “We don’t allow content that denigrates, intimidates, or incites or threatens hatred, violence, or prejudicial action against individuals or groups because of their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or mental, medical, or physical condition.”

  1. “The white man thinks there is a such thing as ‘racist towards whites.’ This proves my entire point. Whites need to be quiet when they do not want to READ, LEARN, and CHALLENGE their white privilege and white ignorance”

2. “You assume your Christian white woman voice is needed and relevant. You are also using your Christian white woman voice to declare me ‘angry Black woman.’ The fact that you felt it necessary to comment and necessary to offer a white-based critique of me, proves my original point.”

3. “I googled Pat’s Archery & Outdoors and it is Jasper, Alabama. This is disgusting but I want people to avoid making THIS the image of whte privilege, white power, white dominance, white supremacy, and systemic-institutional racism. All of these are everywhere and ALL whites are contributors and benefactors.”

4. “Most white LGBTQIA individuals and most white LGBTQIA advocates are white supremacist, pretend ignorance of race and ethnicity, and. exclude Black and Brown LGBTQIA.”

5. “Because even the most racially inclusive (on the surface) whites have a tendency to comfort other whites with statements such as:

‘Ending racism is everyone’s responsibility’

‘I know people of every race who are racist’

‘It doesn’t matter who challenges racism, as long as racism ends’

The tendency for even the most inclusive whites to invest in comforting other whites is EVIDENCE that Black and Brown people are mostly by ourselves in this battle.”

If you believe the restriction was made in error, you can appeal our decision by responding to this email with the information requested below. After you’ve submitted the information, we’ll review the case and inform you of our determination.

  • State why you believe the restriction was incorrect.
  • Provide sources or materials that support your position.

Please review the LinkedIn User Agreement for reference:


The LinkedIn Team

Here’s what I emailed to The LinkedIn Team:


I received your email confirmation that my account is still being controlled by outraged whites.

You allowed outraged whites to report my posts a month ago and you are complying with white supremacist definition of “be safe.”

Meanwhile, you allow whites to troll and stalk Black women on LinkedIn.

This is unfortunate, generally speaking, and especially now that white-led social media platforms are claiming to become advocates for racial justice after the most recent police murders of Blacks.

I will continue to speak out against LinkedIn and other white supremacist social media platforms.

Adding “professional” to the title does not buffer white supremacy.

Having Black people and Brown people on the payroll does not buffer white supremacy.

Hosting “diversity training” or “implicit bias training” does not buffer white supremacy.

Racial inclusion and racial equity are only possible if whites are not allowed to control Black voices and punish Black voices.

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis

Here’s LinkedIn’s 6/29/2020 response:

Dr. Kimya Nuru Dennis,

Due to repeated violations of the LinkedIn User Agreement, the restriction on your account is permanent. We will no longer be responding to inquiries regarding this matter.

Members place trust in us to keep the LinkedIn community a safe place for constructive and professional conversations. We don’t tolerate abuse of any kind that violates our policies.


The LinkedIn Team

/end email correspondence/

This is not the first time I was banned from LinkedIn for not “obeying massa.”

Last time, LinkedIn inclusion experts spoke out and LinkedIn reactivated my account. The “we accept the negro woman as long as she complies” routine for 401 years.

Therefore, you all continue to celebrate LinkedIn and continue to make white supremacy synonymous with “business networking”.

Including those of you Black supposed “DEI experts” dividing yourself from Black activists and making money by comforting whites and convincing whites that you’re “the good negro”.

LinkedIn is the same as Facebook and Twitter.

Allowing whites to troll Black women online, sometimes with anonymous LinkedIn accounts, and some of these “professional” whites stalk Black women via telephone and email.

As I have explained many times in my LinkedIn posts, what happens on LinkedIn is what’s happening at most schools, most businesses, and most organizations.

Whites being in control and penalizing Blacks for noncompliance.

Yet, somehow, I’m considered in the wrong for calling it exactly what it is and dismantling the white version of “professional” and “demeanor.”

You all can have that white supremacy.

I will continue dismantling ALL FORMS of white supremacy EVERYWHERE.




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