7 new apps accepted into the second Kin Developer Program

The second Kin Developer Program is well on its way with 20 apps accepted and working on their Kin integrations. Last month, I introduced the first 13 apps and today it is my pleasure to introduce 7 more.


  • DreamLabs: Virtual Classroom powered by mobile VR
  • KiddoBank: Cryptocurrency-enabled piggy bank


  • Behold: Digital marketplace for buying and selling user created emojis.
  • Kino: Mobile loyalty program that allows users to earn kin for shopping at their favorite brands.

Travel and Local

  • FullTank: News and social network for motorists.
  • Rentmole: A review app for rental experiences

Communication and Social

  • Find: A diverse community of open-minded people looking to discover new friends.

If you have an idea for a Kin-powered experience in your app, apply now!