Following Positive Test Results, We are Pushing the Migration Back to Run a Final Simulation on the Official Solana Testnet

Kik Engineering
Dec 7, 2020 · 2 min read
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The upcoming migration to the Solana blockchain is unique from any other in the history of crypto because of the size of the Kin Ecosystem. This migration will bring more than 55 million unique accounts to the Solana blockchain, a move larger than anything in the history of crypto.

Last week we ran a simulation of the migration on a local testnet and everything ran smoothly without any problems. This test ran successfully at a rate of 300–500 accounts created per second with no interruptions.

This past Friday, however, the Solana blockchain had an unexpected outage that was reported, and the official Solana testnet was down until this morning. This has delayed our last check before the migration, since we were due to run a final simulation on the official Solana testnet, but we were unable to do so until now.

Given the magnitude of the Kin Ecosystem, we want to run this final simulation and complete our due diligence of the outage last week. Out of an abundance of precaution, we have decided to push the migration back until we can complete these final checks which will take a minimum of two days. We expect to be able to reschedule the migration when we are 100% satisfied with the results, and we will provide 24 hours of notice before kicking off the process again.

This change does not impact token holders. The process remains the same and token holders now have additional time to perform any necessary preparation. All of the details of the migration have been outlined at — a must read for all Kin holders.

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