Kin Developer Program: Use Cases for Travel and Local

Forty teams are building Kin-powered experiences in new and existing apps that span nine categories. We’ve already covered the gaming and health and fitness use cases. Let’s take a look at travel and local.

While travel brings excitement and new adventures, it also brings a few challenges: knowing where to go, finding the right service or tour guide, and meeting new people, especially if you’re traveling alone. The teams working on travel and local are using Kin in exciting ways that encourage information sharing, meeting IRL, and general community building. Check out the three apps below.

Beseech — United States

Beseech is a location-based forum for suggestions, referrals, information, micro-tasks, and classified ads. Users will be able to post a set amount of Kin as a reward for the user who provides the best answer or suggestion to their post. Kin will be exchanged between users as they post and reply to items published on the forum

Find — United States

Find is a diverse community of open-minded travelers looking to discover new friends. Users will be able to earn Kin by forming new connections through the app, and can spend Kin to book tours or use other travel-related services. Kin will also be used to tip other users for giving travel advice.

KinQuest — Belgium

KinQuest is a social platform by Spaced that will help travelers meet and socialize with other travelers in their local area. Users will be able to earn Kin by performing quests, and thus meeting up, as well as completing their in-app profile, reviewing users, and for referring other users or businesses. In the future, users will be able to spend Kin by joining sponsored quests, and will be rewarded with discounts or special offers from the sponsor of that quest.