Kin Rewards Engine — Request for Comments

As stated in the whitepaper, the goal of the Kin cryptocurrency is to create an alternative ecosystem of digital services that is compelling for consumers, and fair and open for developers. To achieve this goal, Kin needs to economically align a large group of users, developers, and digital services in order to form a robust ecosystem. We plan to do this through the Kin Rewards Engine, an innovative economic structure that will promote the use of Kin as a common currency, will do just that.

We’ve received a lot of questions on the daily rewards mechanism that will go to developers and digital services within the ecosystem. Today, we’re excited to share more details on the implementation of the Rewards Engine through a request for comments (RFC) document. This document is a first draft and specifically looks at how fair and resistant the Rewards Engine is to abuse and economic vulnerabilities inherent in a decentralized network context.

In the near future, we will also publish an RFC document on the transaction and identity layers that will describe the protocol for making transactions and a decentralized identity management solutions in the Kin Ecosystem. We’ll look to follow the same process of requesting feedback from the community and incorporating that feedback into a technical paper that will outline the implementation of Kin.

Please download the Kin Rewards Engine RFC document and leave your comments and questions in our our Github repository, our Telegram #technology channel, or our subreddit (r/KinFoundation).