More Ways to Spend Kin in Kik

In June, our first ecosystem partner, Kik, introduced chat themes, a Kin-powered feature that lets users personalize their one-to-one and group chat experiences. Since these premium chat themes only need to be purchased once, Kik users were limited in the ways that they could spend Kin. Today, Kik is introducing three new chat themes to create more ways to use Kin in the app.

This experience is currently available to nearly 300,000 Android users, and more users are being added to the experience every day. So far, 1.2 million KIN has been spent on Kik. Users are able to earn Kin in Kik by completing surveys, polls, and quizzes, and they can spend Kin on premium themes to customize their one-to-one and group chat screens.

Kik will be implementing backup and restore functionality soon, and it will roll out paid chat themes to all Android users once this is complete. Keep an eye out for the full rollout and for other Kin-powered features on Kik in the coming months!