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New Kin Experiences in Perfect365

In September, we partnered with Perfect365, the leading augmented reality beauty platform, to bring cryptocurrency to millions of millennial and generation Z users. Through the integration, Perfect365 became the first app to bring cryptocurrency to a large, primarily female audience of creative, engaged users who are connected through their shared interest in makeup.

Today, Perfect365 introduces a new peer-to-peer experience: gifting. Now, users will be able to directly show their appreciation to select makeup artists with Kin for the creative content they share with the Perfect365 community. Users can gift these artists in increments of 10 KIN (TBD) to show their appreciation for the content they share.

A bit about P365

Perfect365 augmented reality beauty platform allows millions of millennials and gen Zs to digitally try makeup and hair from hundreds of brands and make up artists. The app drives a high level of active engagement using live AR experiences. Perfect365 gives brands and makeup artists the ability to engage directly with a community of millions of makeup enthusiasts who try out new looks, and it is an innovator in the field with a strong, engaged community of creative users.

Why Kin & Pefect365 are so beautiful together

The fair and transparent solution Kin offers can provide both increased engagement and sustainable revenue for Perfect365 by creating new P2P connections through immersive experiences developed to maximize in-app engagement. Perfect365 brings an established state of the art app with a strong user base that is connected via a shared interest — this is the type of community where Kin can fit easily and organically. Creating great experiences for the users and offering Perfect365 a new way to introduce brands as well as a monetization solution will help the app grow.

A perfect match

As an app based around creativity and self-expression, Perfect365 and Kin are a natural match. Kin’s commitment to creating awesome user experiences, overlaps perfectly with P365’s drive to provide their users with unique, personalized user experiences. This is why we were so excited to work together to create the new P2P experiences. And our workshop together provided the perfect opportunity.

Some Perfect insights

In order to understand how to create the right experiences for each design partner, we always review the industry trends for the sector together. With Perfect365 we looked at three main trends:

Creating together: The Perfect365 Workshop

Our objectives were to get to know Perfect365 users and product so we can help ideate on meaningful Kin experiences. During the structured sessions, held over two days, we got to know Perfect365, showcased Kin’s values, and reiterated why we are excited to work with the app. Then, we mapped business and product opportunities, brainstormed and identified potential use cases, aligned on goals and success metrics, established a product & technical foundation, and discussed implementation plans for the pilot as well as long-term roadmap. What emerged were a number of unique, engaging, Kin experiences.

Users can now gift make-up artists based on looks they created

The Kin Experiences (Android)

The Android version of Perfect365 now offers P2P gifting — users in the app can reward make-up artists based on the content they share with the community. Users can also enjoy the Kin marketplace and get Kin by completing Polls, quizzes. Other native experiences include the option to download high-resolution or low-resolution images and unlocking of exclusive look pack. iOS will follow soon — stay tuned!

Kin team celebrated Halloween with Perfect365 look packs
Image download experience and access to Kin via user’s profile



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