Tapatalk and Kin: New Peer-to-Peer Experiences Coming Soon

The Kin Ecosystem continues growing! We’ve always believed that we’d see the true benefits of Kin when it became a key element in driving peer-to-peer experiences, and our latest partner will be a strong example of how Kin easily facilitates these transactions between users.

Today, Tapatalk, the leading mobile forum app, has announced that it will integrate Kin. Through the partnership, Tapatalk will harness the power of crypto-enabled, peer-to-peer experiences to increase engagement in its large, online community. Soon, Tapatalk users will be able to receive Kin for posting quality content in the app, and in turn, they can send Kin to other creators on the platform.

A Bit About Tapatalk

Tapatalk aggregates discussions from forums all over the internet, enabling users from around the world to interact and share their hobbies and passions. From communities to companies, different groups from around the world create shared spaces within Tapatalk for users to connect and post videos, photos, and messages.

Tapatalk’s mobile-first app for forum owners and their members is used by over 200,000 forums in 186 countries. The Tapatalk mobile app enables forum owners to provide their users with a native app experience, so they can engage with the forums they love on a mobile device, and easily create content and stay engaged with push notifications.

Kin in Tapatalk

The main user activities in the app include creating content for forums, following forums from across the internet, and interacting with other users about a topic of shared interest (liking, commenting, etc). Once Kin is fully integrated into the app, Tapatalk users will be able to receive rewards for the content they add and interacting with the community, as well as gifting each other Kin for contributing to discussions.

This peer-to-peer use case is the result of a three-day workshop where we worked directly with the Tapatalk team to pinpoint the best fits for Kin in the app. Tapatalk team members from the U.S., Spain, and China spent three days with the team in Tel Aviv reviewing the user journey in the app, while working out the best solutions based on their product needs and shared goals.

What’s Next?

We’re working closely with Tapatalk to ensure that the integration goes live early in the new year. While Tapatalk is also available for desktop users, our efforts are currently focused on the mobile application. As with all partners, the integration will scale over time, as more users adopt Kin, and we’ll develop even more Kin-powered experiences once the initial rollout is complete.

Visit Tapatalk.com or download the app on iOS and Android to learn more about Tapatalk or dive into one of the many forums hosted on the platform.