The Kin Gaming SDK on Unity

It was a week after Thanksgiving when I met the Unity team (makers of the biggest game development platform in the world) at New York’s Freemans, where we talked about user acquisition challenges and rising marketing costs facing game developers today.

Kin and Unity shared the same goal — to make game developers successful, either by democratizing development or rewarding developers in a decentralized ecosystem. Today, we’ve combined missions to create a powerful network effect by offering the Kin Gaming SDK for the next generation of game developers!

Democratizing development and creating value for game developers

Unity’s key value proposition is to consolidate all the services and tools needed to create mobile, VR/AR and console games. The gaming development ecosystem is fragmented, so developers save thousands of hours and money by developing on a single platform.

Kin amplifies this value by providing developers incremental revenue through the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE). This gives developers extra resources to create value for their users, and by integrating the Kin SDK they have the tools to increase user retention, engagement, and growth.

“Developers benefit when they can monetize digital experiences and quickly expand transactions across global markets,” says Hubert Larenaudie, President APAC at Unity Technologies. “We are continuously looking for top companies in the space who understand consumer experiences and believe that the combination of Kik’s experience and user base, along with Kin, provides many opportunities for developers.”

Creating network effects that drives user acquisition for game developers

Unity’s global developer reach extends to 24 billion app downloads on six billion devices, which means potentially thousands of games will join Kin’s ecosystem, creating a network effect across digital services.

Additionally, we see game developers leveraging Kin’s ecosystem to acquire users, through cross promotion across digital services, like Kik! The goal is to help developers reduce the burden of marketing costs game developers face when launching a new game or boosting users for an existing game.

Working with game developers to build a ‘best in class’ Kin gaming experience

Unity’s partnership with Kin kicks off with a unique, collaborative Beta Partner Program to create a Kin Gaming SDK. Game developers will be invited to participate in the development process so we can create a customized gaming-specific SDK together. This enables Unity developers to integrate cryptocurrency into games from the beginning!

Game developers who participate in the program get early access to the Kin SDK and in turn optimize their games for the KRE daily payout.

From today, we’re looking for game developers to help us build a thriving ecosystem that maximizes the value of Kin for game developers by launching Unity’s best in class ‘Kin Gaming SDK’!