7 live and 39 accepted in the second Kin Developer Program

The ball is rolling! We now have a total of 7 live apps of 39 accepted teams in the second Kin Developer Program. These teams are feeling the pressure with the limited Early Bird Awards getting swooped up. One app was accepted and went live in the same month!

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City Routes

Users will be able to create a tour of a city they know and love and sell it for KIN. Other users will be able to buy tours in KIN so they can get to know new cities.

Planets Nu

A space strategy game where KIN incentivizes players to keep playing.


Pedometer based app that rewards users with KIN for walking, and becoming and staying active.


Incentivized homework solution app where KIN facilitates the exchange of homework solutions between askers and experts with KIN.

Speed Genius

Speed Trivia game where KIN incentivizes being correct quickly.


Free social betting app that lets you place bets in KIN against your friends and other players.


Kiddobank is a cryptocurrency-enabled piggy bank. Parents can turn daily chores into fun and rewarding experiences with KIN.

Recently Accepted

Communication and Social

  • Kinlandia: Social networking & active collaboration app using Kin rewards.
  • CodeSick: simple survey-based app.


  • KINPAY: A simple, secure and dedicated wallet for the KIN community.
  • Kard: Send virtual cards and Kin to friends and family.
  • Uwe: A clothing builder app for bespoke fashion.


  • Bettapoint: A community-based sports prediction and gaming platform where players compete and earn money based on their playing and prediction skills.
  • Trackin: Get paid to play your favorite games.
  • PlayJoor: Platform where users earn money for winning classic games.
  • Speed Genius: Speed Trivia game. ** THIS APP IS ALREADY LIVE