Rising Costs of Digital Advertising: How Are You Dealing With It?

Jeremy Hood
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3 min readFeb 24, 2019


Getting less bang for your buck seems to be the current trend in the digital advertising world.

In just two years, costs have risen more than 12 % on average! Compared to more traditional forms of advertising like TV or radio, this rate of inflation is nearly double.

While display ads and pop-ups ruled the days of the early internet, they have become nearly worthless today with ad blockers.

Search, video and mobile ads have seemed to make up the difference.


While this is great news for large ad networks such as Facebook and Google, it’s not what you want to hear as a digital marketer.

Digital advertising has recently surpassed total TV ad spending. With increased demand, prices are sure to follow.

Unfortunately, none of this translates to more effective ads. While you may end up spending 42% more on ads for just an 11% increase in traffic according to a report from Adobe.

One might wonder if it is even still worth it?

One reason for the decrease in effectiveness is that consumers are spending less time on websites.

This means you have less time to engage with your potential customer. Your website will need to be extra efficient to get your message across quickly.

Mobile optimization is another reason. Advertisers have been slow to incorporate mobile-friendly video ads into their campaigns, giving customers a poor viewing experience.

Adobe’s survey also pointed out that there was a gap between the advertisers and consumers perspective.

While over half of the advertisers thought they were doing a better job, less than 38% of consumers agreed with them.

Because most of the inventory is controlled by just a handful of big players, some think the climbing prices could last for a while. Especially for search and social with the average cost per action rising to nearly $18.

What To Do

There are several ways to combat these rising costs. One such way is to target a more specific audience.

That is exactly what we are helping you do here at Kind Ads. Purchasing an email blast or push notification from a specific publisher on our platform allows you to get pretty specific with your audience.

Publishers will be able to tell you all kinds of information about their audience so you will know if it benefits you or not.

With Kind Ads analytics, you will also be able to better track the performance of your campaign. Another way to save money on your campaigns.

Tracking everything is the only way you can improve campaigns and see if they are actually producing an ROI for you.

If it works great, rinse and repeat. Maybe test subject lines or copy to try and incrementally improve the effectiveness.

If it doesn’t then drop it and move on to the next one.

Being first to take advantage of new techniques means there is less competition and therefore your budget should stretch further. However, as more and more companies begin to utilize this technique you can expect the increased competition to drive up prices.


These are just a couple of ways to get creative with your marketing budget, surely as costs continue to rise you will need to do something.

What other ways are you stretching your budget? Let us know in the comments below!

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