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Signs of strengths mistaken as weaknesses

Just because it’s not an immediate blunt force doesn’t mean it’s not effective at all

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by fstop123 via Canva.

Being kind, compassionate, and tolerant are often perceived as weaknesses. Since there is such a good, giving, and patient aspect to them, others could take advantage of that, so people assume that those are weak qualities.

However, think of how much love, understanding, and forgiveness one must possess in order to have that level of kindness. It takes a lot of strength to continue giving and loving in that manner when others would’ve given up already.

Think of Mother Teresa, who is considered one of the 20th century’s greatest humanitarians who gave her life caring for the sick and the poor. Her kindness was highly-recognized and awarded numerous times, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Now THAT exemplifies the strength of kindness.

Alright, you don’t need to do exactly what Mother Teresa has done to embody those qualities. You actually have those within you already. They’re just waiting to come out through your own particular flavor of kindness, compassion, and tolerance.


Do an act of kindness, regardless of what other people might think, do, or say. Act upon it because it feels right to you. Do it because it’s who you are at your core.

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