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Food for Life Global and its role in creating Kindly

Being a humanitarian for the last 39 years, it comes with the territory that I am always thinking of ways to help my charity, Food for Life Global (FFLG). As a result, my social entrepreneur career has stretched over 29 years.

In 2021, we all witnessed a massive rise in interest in cryptocurrency, so I began to form a team of experienced professionals in banking, IT, blockchain, and marketing, to extend our fundraising efforts into the crypto space. Food for Life Global became the first food relief charity in the world to co-found a Defi project.

In May 2021, The Kindly Ecosystem (Kindly) was born. We then began planning how we could make it easy for anyone to support FFLG and other related causes. Our first product, the Kindly Coin, and all future products would be embedded with measurable social impact.

What is special about the Kindly Coin?

Unlike other “charity tokens,” the Kindly Coin is the world’s first social impact token, which means with every use of the coin, a small transaction fee will be converted into a real-world social impact of feeding a child in need, feeding a rescued animal, or planting a tree via our three charity partners. Every transaction of the Kindly Coin will generate 2.5% in measurable social impact.

The Kindly Coin is audited by the industry leader, CertiK and our development and management team are fully doxxed. Moreover, each measurable social impact will come with three separate blockchain records of social proof.

Following close behind the Kindly Coin will be the world’s first social impact marketplace, scan, wallet, and debit card too!

Author, feeding children after the great Asian Tsunami in 2005, Sri Lanka.

Author, feeding children after the great Asian Tsunami in 2005, Sri Lanka.

As a social entrepreneur and now approaching 58 years of age, I feel like this is the biggest opportunity of my life to fulfill my dreams of a united and prosperous world. My charity, Food for Life Global has a tagline: Uniting the world through pure food and I see the Kindly coin and Kindly’s Measurable Social Impact (MSI) solution as the most effective way to expand the capacity of our nonprofit.

More importantly, Kindly’s blockchain-powered tracking system will enable FFLG to be even more transparent with how it uses donations. Kindly’s MSI solution could be the missing piece of the puzzle of a world driven by kindness.

About Kindly

Kindly is a humanitarian-based cryptocurrency project founded by one of the largest food relief charities in the world, Food For Life Global (FFLG). It’s our mission to create an ecosystem that facilitates effortless, un-random acts of kindness. The Kindly Ecosystem utilizes an innovative 3-step certification process to track the delivery of social impact so that all purchases are 100% verifiable on the blockchain.

For more information on how you can be apart of this movement contact us today! Follow us on Twitter, Telegram and YouTube.




Revolutionizing the world’s payment systems with measurable social impact.

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