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From Monk to Crypto: A look at our CEO, Paul Rodney Turner

When we think of CEOs of emerging technology companies, we typically think of young graduates of Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, MIT, etc. But then we have the unusual example of Paul Rodney Turner, a former monk, vegan chef, long-time humanitarian, author, and spiritual coach, who leads up a newly dressed entrant into crypto space, The Kindly Ecosystem (Kindly).

At first look, you’d assume Turner is not qualified to lead a crypto company, but you’d be wrong because Kindly is not your average DeFi startup.

Kindly is a purpose-driven social enterprise that aims to make it easy for anyone to be kind. They plan to achieve this noble feat by embedding measurable social impact into every product they release to the market.

What gives Turner cred in this space is his 39-year career as a humanitarian, who currently directs the world’s largest food relief network, Food for Life Global, which consists of 265 projects in 60 countries serving over 1 million vegan meals daily.

Turner is also an author of 5 books on spirituality and his philosophical approach to life will serve Kindly well, giving it the story and meaning that is often lacking with other DeFiprojects

Turner, however, does have a technology background, beginning with coding the very first website for his charity in 1995, well before many fortune 500 companies even considered the world wide web. He later went on to consult for The World Bank for 10 years as a lead developer, building over 50 websites for the institution.

More importantly, when it comes to the mission of Kindly, there are few more qualified than Turner who has traveled to 72 countries, directing and training volunteers within the non-profit network. ”I have led many first responses to some of the world’s greatest natural disasters, including the Asian Tsunami of 2004,” he said. “I have also cooked for presidents and dodged bullets in war zones,” he explained.

Turner believes kindness and profitability are not mutually exclusive, but rather, can co-exist -in fact, help a company thrive in this new caring economy we are seeing emerge. “This approach to business resonates with my personal values and I have assembled a world-class team that aligns with this vision,” he says.

“I believe at our core, we are all naturally kind. The soul is a spark of God’s splendor, however, life can harden us over time and cover this natural inclination.”

Our goal at Kindly, therefore, is to extract this kindness naturally through embedding social impact into products and services we use daily. It’s cool to be kind and maybe, what we are seeing in the example of Turner, is a new kind of business leader, one that truly cares about the world and not just the bottom line.

About Kindly

Kindly is a humanitarian-based cryptocurrency project founded by one of the largest food relief charities in the world, Food For Life Global (FFLG).It’s our mission to create an ecosystem that facilitates effortless, un-random acts of kindness. The Kindly Ecosystem utilizes an innovative 3-step certification process to track the delivery of social impact so that all purchases are 100% verifiable on the blockchain.

For more information on how you can be apart of this movement contact us today! Follow us on Twitter, Telegram and YouTube.

Revolutionizing the world’s payment systems with measurable social impact.

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