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Kindly Partners with award-winning International Animal Sanctuary to help feed rescued animals!

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (JAS), a US 501c3 nonprofit organization that was voted “Outstanding international animal sanctuary” in 2021 by the Global Federation of Farm Sanctuaries, will be the official social impact partner for helping animals within the ecosystem being built by Kindly, a humanitarian-based cryptocurrency project.

Founder and director of the sanctuary, Juliana Castaneda, shared her excitement for her non-profit to be the 2nd official charity partner of Kindly, “The first time I heard about Kindly, I understood that it is made for everyone who wants to change the world because kindness is in everyone’s heart. A lot of people don’t know that animals feel and need help like humans, and the organizations that work to help animals are the ones that receive the least support. Kindly is here to change history, and we are proud and thankful to be one of their partners.”

Early on in the formation of the Kindly project, co-founder and chairman Paul Rodney Turner, a 39-year career humanitarian, envisioned a company that could address as many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as possible. With the well-documented evidence of animal agriculture negatively impacting the environment, Turner felt confident that supporting rescued animals from the meat and dairy industry would help communicate this message.

“More than 70 billion animals are killed annually at factory farms around the world, but most people are unaware, for example, that 50% of the pollution of the world’s water systems can be traced back to these factory farms. We also plan to support tree planting and ocean cleaning charities,” said Turner.

The animal rescue charity was founded in 2006 and has received numerous accolades, including being officially recognized by the Colombian government. Castaneda received a gold medal in 2020 for her work helping farm animals. Recently the Bogota counsel produced a short documentary on the sanctuary.

Kindly aims to become the supply chain of measurable social impact tracked on the blockchain. Its holistic approach to global welfare might be the solution that conscious companies and entrepreneurs are looking for.

About Kindly

Kindly is a humanitarian-based cryptocurrency project co-founded by one of the world’s largest food relief charities. With their existing infrastructure and strategic partners, Kindly is bridging the gap between social impact and Web3 by creating innovative consumer and business-related products that generate, track and process certified measurable impact.

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Media Contact

Carmelia Ray, Head of Marketing & PR, Kindly



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