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The Story Behind Kindly

Being a humanitarian for the last 39 years, it comes with the territory that I am always thinking of ways to help my charity. As a result, my social entrepreneur career has stretched over 29 years.

Starting with a web design and development business, my attempts at business success include a merchandising business, hosting service, numerology consulting, real estate, and a variety of affiliate startups.

However, all through these efforts, one idea kept coming back to me from a project that got stalled way back in 1993 in Australia. At that time, I was running a local Food for Life project in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. I planned to sell a mini snack bar called the Food for Life Bite, and with the profits of each sale, we would provide a meal to one child in need. The tagline would be: “Take a bite and feed a child.” It was a brilliant idea and, to be honest, revolutionary, considering that back in 1993, there was practically zero cause marketing going on.

After I moved to the United States and established the headquarters for the charity, Food for Life Global, the need for donations kept making me think about the mini snack bar idea. I approached several vegan snack food companies, and for one reason or another, they turned the idea down.

And then I had an epiphany!

This great idea had nothing to do with the mini snack bar; what made it a great idea was the social impact that would come with selling the snack bar!

And thus was born the OM Guarantee Certification of social good. OM stands for Output Measurable, so what we would sell to socially-responsible companies was a cost-efficient way for them to give back in a measurable way and get certified for doing so. It was a win/win offer — children in need would win, the company’s brand reputation would win, and customers of that company would win, knowing that because of their patronage, something extraordinary had taken place in a child’s life in need.

The fact is most consumers today demand that companies not only be socially responsible but that they give back in a meaningful way. 71% of young consumers will even change brands if one is more charitable than the other. I knew I was onto something awesome, so once we created the OM Guarantee certification process, we would focus on extending the opportunity and being a value-add to existing transaction systems.

The OM Guarantee needed to be managed by a separate company, so we formed OM Guarantee Inc. and introduced the world to the kindness ecosystem, which aims to add value to the world’s payment services with certified measurable social impact.

I got working on developing the system to certify the social impact and always knew that since transparency was essential to the certification, we would need to implement blockchain technology. At first, I assumed that would mean building the entire platform on the blockchain, but that was too expensive at the time.

I then took a step back and realized that we could build the certification system using traditional web technology and only include blockchain when recording the critical moments in the sales process that required social proof. For example, when the company pays for the social impact, and once again when the charity delivers the social impact. We also extended the social impacts to address world hunger, animal abuse, and deforestation.

Throughout the OM Guarantee certification evolution, I knew that cryptocurrency would need to be included. After all, the same demographic pushing for more social responsibility (Gen Z and Millennials) just happened to be the most passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In other words, they would expect this of us.

So in May 2021, I formed a new team to extend the OM Guarantee certification and the kindly ecosystem into the crypto world. We created the Kindly Coin and began work on various other Web3 applications.

What is unique about the Kindly Coin?

Unlike other “charity tokens,” the Kindly Coin is the world’s first measurable social impact token. Rather than just donating money to a charity from the coin sales, our Kindly Coin will engage with each of our products and initiate real-world, measurable social impact as it moves through our ecosystem.

The measurable social impact will come in three forms — feeding a child in need, feeding a rescued animal, or planting a tree via our charity partners.

The industry leader, CertiK, audited the Kindly Coin, and our development and management team are fully doxxed. Moreover, each measurable social impact will come with three separate blockchain records of social proof.

Following close behind the launch of the Kindly Coin will be the world’s first social impact marketplace, scan, and measurable social impact blockchain ecosystem.

Author, feeding children after the great Asian Tsunami in 2005, Sri Lanka.

As a social entrepreneur now approaching 59 years of age, I feel like this is the most significant opportunity of my life to fulfill my dreams of a united and prosperous world. My charity, Food for Life Global, has a tagline: Uniting the world through pure food. I see the Kindly coin Kindly’s Measurable Social Impact (MSI) blockchain solution as the most effective way to expand the capacity of our nonprofit.

More importantly, Kindly’s blockchain-powered tracking system will enable FFLG to be even more transparent with how it uses donations. Kindly’s MSI solution could be the missing piece of the puzzle of a new business landscape driven by kindness.

I hope you will join me.

Paul Rodney Turner

Founder and CEO

PS. It’s cool to be kind, and at Kindly, we make it easy for anyone to make a positive difference in the world.

About Kindly

Kindly is a humanitarian-based cryptocurrency project co-founded by one of the largest food relief charity programs in the world. With their existing infrastructure and strategic partners, Kindly is bridging the gap between social impact and Web3 with the creation of innovative consumer and business-related products that generate, track and execute certified measurable social impact on the blockchain.

Join Kindly’s whitelist to qualify for their Buy, HODL & Earn Airdrop to receive 50% more Kindly Coins after token launch in Q3 2022. Signup HERE.

To learn more about Kindly visit:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper



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