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The WHY of Kindly

Kindly is a purpose-driven social enterprise that uses web3 technology to deliver products and services, making it easy for anyone to do measurable acts of kindness.

Company executives can use a marketing diagram called the “Golden Circle” to understand their brand’s marketing effectiveness; Simon Sinek explained the Golden Circle in his TED talk over 11 years ago. It consists of three concentric circles with the outer circle labeled WHAT, the next ring labeled HOW, and the inner circle, WHY?

He explained that most companies when they talk about their product or service, will focus on the WHAT and HOW of their business. In other words, they will approach the problem from the outside and go inward. However, innovative companies like Apple take the opposite approach and address the WHY and then only move to the outer rings of HOW and WHAT.

Kindly also leads with the WHY, allowing the WHAT and HOW to unfold naturally.

If you want to be successful like Apple, you need to align your WHY with your customers to guarantee a win/win relationship.

You see, “When we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe, something magical happens: trust emerges,” explained Sinek. And as any decent business owner will tell you, trust is key to long-term success.

It is this kind of customer loyalty and zeal that spearheaded the success of Apple. Their customers happily plastered apple stickers on their cars and backpacks. They felt proud to be an Apple customer. When you consider Apple just a technology company, their ability to fuel such passion around their products is astounding. Rather than focus on the technology, their message was “Think Different.” A simple phrase answered the question of “Why?” and allowed people to align with that simple idea.

So what is the WHY at Kindly?

The answer can be found in our vision statement:


A world of harmony, peace, and prosperity for all life — where kindness is the currency.

In this simple statement, we are not highlighting the web3 technology that underlies this vision but focusing on what matters to our customers at a heart level. The bottom line is: that the world needs more kindness, and unless we build companies with a social purpose at the core, we cannot expect to build a long-lasting and meaningful business.

The days of fake promises, hype, and profit-driven marketing are numbered. Purpose-driven companies will lead us into the future.

Have you discovered your WHY? Maybe our purpose (“Why”) at Kindly aligns with yours, so effectively, you can join hands with us!

If you like what we stand for at Kindly, we welcome you to join our community and advocate for our products as we roll them out.

And in saying that, I’m speaking to you, the individual reading this article, and companies that wish to align with a social cause because we can make the world a better place.

About Kindly

Kindly is a humanitarian-based cryptocurrency project co-founded by one of the largest food relief charity programs in the world. With their existing infrastructure and strategic partners, Kindly is bridging the gap between social impact and Web3 with the creation of innovative consumer and business-related products that generate, track and execute certified measurable social impact on the blockchain.

Join Kindly’s whitelist to qualify for their Buy, HODL & Earn Airdrop to receive 50% more Kindly Coins after token launch in Q3 2022.

Visit to signup.

To learn more about Kindly visit:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper



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