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The World’s First Measurable Social Impact Token

Most consumers today are demanding that companies not only be socially responsible but that they also give back in a meaningful way. In fact, 71% of young consumers will even change brands if one is more charitable than the other. However, until now, such cause marketing has never been measured. In other words, what actually happens with those percentages of transactions given to charitable causes?

Sadly, “charity-washing,” similar to the tactic known as “green washing,” is where a company makes a show of social good but then diminishes positive impact through lack of transparency or practices that undermine the cause they promote.

The same can be said of a new phenomena in the cryptocurrency space known as “charity tokens,” mostly popularized on the Binance Smart Chain. Unfortunately, many turn out to be outright scams or “rug pulls” that have no mechanisms built into their smart contracts to measure the social impact they claim to be making. They also often lack financial transparency and their founders remain anonymous.

Then there are the numerous cryptocurrency trading scams that profit from the money their ICOs give them without delivering on what they promised. In addition, they sometimes attract enough people to the token they are propping up, only to create an opportunity to dump it on them, deflating the artificial volume. Since most of those crypto projects were never viable, or possessing a solid utility in the first place (for example, meme tokens), they rely solely on speculation and market manipulation to keep them afloat.

This will not be the case with the KINDLY coin.

Our aim, right out the gate, is to be fully transparent, audited by the industry leader, Certik, a fully doxxed development and management team, and to add real charity value to transacting the token through measurable social impact that will come with three separate blockchain records of social proof.

There are 3 areas of social injustice KINDLY will focus on: world hunger, animal abuse, and deforestation, by directly supporting the feeding of needy children and abused animals, and planting trees via our 3 charity partners.


In a world that has the capacity to feed twice the population, there is no reason why people should go to bed hungry; yet, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than one billion people in the world live in poverty. The micronutrient deficiencies resulting from hunger make people susceptible to infectious diseases, impair physical and mental development, reduce their labor productivity and increase the risk of premature death.

World hunger is a direct result of the world’s food supply not being equitably distributed because of greed and selfishness. The most damaging expression of selfishness is the growth of the factory farming of livestock. Vast tracts of land are now needed to grow crops to feed the billions of animals being raised for food each year. More than 260 million acres of U.S. forests have been cleared to create cropland to grow grain to feed farmed animals. To service the growing demand for animal agriculture, over 35% of all grain production in the world is fed to livestock and not humans.

KINDLY will directly fund our primary charity partner, Food for Life Global and its worldwide network of 260 affiliate projects to deliver freshly cooked vegan meals to the world’s most vulnerable children and adults.


Over 50 billion animals are killed annually to supply the world with meat. 797,546 animals were used for research, testing, teaching, experimentation, and/or surgery in US states, DC, and Puerto Rico in 2019, according to a 2021 USDA report. And an estimated 600 million dogs are abandoned or strayed every year around the world.

We believe that our first initiative — to address world hunger with vegan meals — will directly tackle this issue through the associated plant-based advocacy that comes with OMG-supported vegan feeding programs. However, in order to be measurable, which is the primary purpose of the KINDLY coin, we will directly fund the feeding of abused and rescued animals by supporting selected animal sanctuary partners, including Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary by providing funds to enable them to provide the best food possible to these rescued animals. In the case of rescued dogs, that would mean, high-quality vegan food which is more expensive than the standard dog food.


Once again, the biggest contributor to deforestation is the meat industry with its callous attack on the earth’s primary rainforests in places like Brazil and Colombia to provide grazing land and feed crops to cattle. Determining the exact rate at which rainforests are cut down is nearly impossible. However, most experts agree that deforestation of the rainforests around the world occurs at a rate of up to 80,000 acres each day!

The KINDLY coin aims to address this issue head-on by funding the planting of trees where they are most needed around the world via our charity partner Eden Reforestation Project.


A solution that creates the biggest positive social impact and leaves no negative footprint

To address these issues, we founded Kindly Inc., that now licenses feedOM’s OM Guarantee™ certification of social good to create the world’s first social impact coin, wallet, exchange, and debit card.

Kindly’s mission is to introduce feedOM’s kindness ecosystem into the world’s crypto payment and investments services, through converting a small portion of every transaction into a measurable social impact that is certified and confirmed by multiple blockchain records.

feedOM’s mission is to help socially responsible and conscious companies and consumers participate in a mutually beneficial, output measurable humanitarian effort to end child hunger, animal abuse, and remedy the adverse effects of deforestation.


Join us on this noble mission to create a caring world, a kind world, a world where every financial transaction makes a measurable and positive social impact. It is cool to be Kind!

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To learn more visit:

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Revolutionizing the world’s payment systems with measurable social impact.

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The kindly coin and the Kindly ecosystem is revolutionizing the worlds payment systems with measurable social impact

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