Kindly Holds a Global Launch Party to Celebrate the Public Release of its Social Impact Platform

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With a mission to make it easy for anyone to purchase measurable social impact that is fully tracked and publicly verifiable on the blockchain, Kindly is officially launching its social impact platform on Tuesday, September 5, the International Day of Charity.

With an estimated 84% of consumers expecting companies to generate positive social impact, they also want to know where their money is going and how much measurable social impact is being created. Utilizing the latest in blockchain technology, Kindly enables anyone to purchase measurable social impact that is fully tracked and publicly verifiable online. Individuals and companies alike will be able to purchase measurable social impact with fiat and USD-based stablecoins such as USDT and USDC.

The Kindly Social Impact Platform is comprised of two key core products that will both be launched publicly on September 5th.

Kindly Social Impact Engine

This is the heart of Kindly’s ecosystem which processes and tracks all social impact transactions on the blockchain which are sent through the platform. In order to provide maximum transparency, the engine publicly tracks the flow of funds from our customer’s purchases directly through Kindly’s ecosystem and to our Social Impact Partners. While doing that it also tracks the status of all social impact transactions. Over time, we intend to continually grow the complexity of this tracking system to monitor other aspects of the social impact journey which will undoubtedly make Kindly the most transparent giving platform in the world.

Kindly Search

For Web3 enthusiasts, Kindly Search would be considered our Social Impact Blockchain Explorer. It provides people the ability to search social impact transactions by company, individual, wallet address, Impact Partners, and transaction IDs. Users can also view the status of their impact transactions and follow the full journey from money sent to impact being fulfilled.

All impact purchases are tracked & recorded on a public blockchain and are exportable with detailed transaction history information as a CSV file.

Kindly Global Launch Party

To celebrate the public launch of Kindly’s social impact platform, we will be holding a live Virtual Launch Party that will traverse five different timezones to cover our team and impact partners around the world.

The launch will be shown as a YouTube live stream. There will be 5 independent streams done at the below regions/times.

Live Streaming Dates & Times

Why September 5th, 2023?

In a world where compassion and unity hold immense significance, the observance of the International Day of Charity on September 5th stands as a resolute reminder of our shared responsibility towards each other as global citizens. This annual day transcends borders, inspiring both organizations and individuals to extend a helping hand to those in need. Beyond its philanthropic essence, the International Day of Charity underscores the pivotal role of unity and social responsibility in shaping a more resilient global community.

With humanitarian calamities casting long shadows over vulnerable populations, often leaving devastation in their wake, it is the spirit of giving that shines as a beacon of hope. When we offer our unconditional support to those in need, we acknowledge the oneness of humanity. The essentials of life — food, clothing, and shelter — become attainable realities, reminding us of the profound impact even small contributions can have on the lives of others.

The act of unconditional giving conveys a powerful message of humanity and compassion, serving as a tangible testament to the interconnectedness of all life. In a world often fraught with division, these benevolent gestures echo loudly, reminding us that kindness knows no boundaries.

At present, nearly half of the world’s population grapples with the weight of poverty, equating to a staggering 3 billion people who must survive on less than $2.50 daily. This distressing reality screams even louder when considering the approximately one billion children who are ensnared by poverty’s grasp and a heart-wrenching 22,000 children dying each day as a result.

Hunger claims lives indiscriminately. For the less fortunate, it is one of the leading causes of death, magnifying the urgency to address its underlying roots and work collectively to eradicate its presence. That is why we proudly support the work of Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan food relief.

However, Kindly embraces a holistic approach to global good by supporting initiatives that protect and preserve all life through our partnership with Plastic Bank to recycle plastic waste so that it does not end up in oceans; to planting billions of trees via the Eden Reforestation Project; to honouring and respecting all sentient beings through the work of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, and by empowering children with knowledge through our partnership with Books for Africa.

The International Day of Charity transcends mere observance; it serves as a poignant call to action. This day beckons us to rise above the challenges that divide us and embrace our shared humanity.

Co-founder and Chairman of Kindly, Paul Rodney Turner, said:

“Our aim at Kindly is to address each one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) identified by the United Nations. Through our strategic partnership, we are addressing 13 goals. The SDGs recognize the intertwined nature of eradicating poverty and promoting health, education, equality, and economic progress. They also address climate change while protecting oceans and forests.”

Check Out Our New Website!

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend everyone check out our newly revamped website by visiting After September 5th, people will soon be able to purchase social impact directly from there.

Why change the domain to

Kindly is making an proactive effort to transition our brand to a more mainstream and business-focused social enterprise. We want our customers to be less focused on the technology and more interested in the act of doing good for mankind. As a result, Kindly taking a more targeted approach to our brand to laser focus our message on proving maximum transparency to our customers.

Kindly’s goal is to be the most trusted and transparent giving platform in the world.

Help Spread the Word & Make a Difference

With launch of our new social impact platform, we want our entire community to help spread the word about our launch and get ready to purchase social impact in a trusted and transparent manner.

Kindly would like to thank everyone for your continued support and we look forward to change the world together.

About Kindly

Kindly is a purpose-driven social enterprise co-founded by one of the largest food relief charities in the world. With its existing infrastructure and strategic partners, Kindly is bridging the gap between social impact and Web3 as it creates innovative consumer and business-related products that help make it easy to generate, track and process measurable social impact.

To learn more about Kindly visit:
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