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What is Kinesis ?

Kinesis is a platform where anyone can produce audio-visual content, find tecnical or creative partners that will help you with your creation, seek sponsor or advertiser to monetize their creation. In short, empowering the average person, allowing them to materialize their imagination and develop their technical or creative skills.

Most of the platforms that work in the field of audio-visual content are focused only on distribution, being that there are few initiatives that focus on its design (pre-production, production and post production), few advances that aim to encourage a common individual to materialize what exists just in your mind. Thousands of ordinary people are out there with fantastic stories to tell that could yield good books, great cinematic works or epic games, but often do not have the expertise to make it happen, or partners who can contribute knowledge or skills. A good example of this is someone interested in recording a podcast about on a determined subject. Often it finds it difficult to find other people who understand about the agenda in question and how a podcast is in essence a conversation between people, not finding the right people can make it difficult or even prevent the transformation of this idea in a few minutes of sound fun. Likewise, someone who has a good script and innovative mechanics for an indie game needs programmers and designers who can take care of the technical part of the production. How easy is it to find people with these skills and who accept the risk of having little or no financial return if the project is not very successful? Or, how to get the financial resources to cover the technical costs of producing a game? Dificulties such as these can make large projects exist only on paper (or Sandman’s dream world library) and restrict the production of entertainment to large corporations.

In light of this scenario, Kinesisplatform is designed to help creative people overcome these limitations. It will offer its users mechanisms to find financing for content production from the beginning and / or monetization through advertising and advertisement. It will also provide mechanisms that will enable people to meet people to contribute to both the production and the development of the entertainment, so that the creation of independent entertainment will not be limited by financial, technical or lack of partners. In addition, the platform itself will also be a distribution channel that will provide viewers with innovative features and where most of the advertisement / ad profits will stay with the creator.

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