Thank You for Your Support

The Kin token distribution event (TDE) is now complete. We share the same sentiment as our board members, our advisors (specifically CoinFund and CoinTree), and industry leaders — Kin is a success, and we’re building something very special together. More than 10,000 people from 117 countries participated in the TDE, and we raised nearly $100 million to build a decentralized ecosystem for digital services.

The Kik team is humbled by the amount of support we’ve received from the community throughout the token distribution event.

Thank you.

People who participated in the TDE will receive instructions to access a Kin wallet in Kik. We are also doing a Gmail style rollout of Kin inside of Kik, starting with 1,000 of our users. We will take a measured approach to our rollout, gradually increasing both functionality and the number of users who can access Kin as we solve the scalability and usability challenges that come with the blockchain.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements. This is the start of an exciting journey.

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